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Banner Maxx

Banner Maxx is a fast acting cool weather systemic fungicide for the control of Microdochium patch (Fusarium patch), Dollar Spot, Anthracnose and Brown Patch on managed amenity turf and amenity grassland.

Banner Maxx offers three routes to effectively control a broad spectrum of turf diseases fast. It delivers preventative, curative and eradicant activity.

Banner Maxx utilises the unique Syngenta formulation technology, specifically designed to be gentle on delicate turf grass species, yet gets to work fast ansd ensures the very best results. Virtually all the active ingredient in Banner Maxx is adsorbed within an hour of application, ensuring maximum efficacy within the plant and minimising risk of environmental loss.

Key points:

  • Fast uptake and movement to protect turf as it grows
  • Protective, curative and eradicant activity.
  • Works well at lower temperatures (above 6 C soil temperature)
  • Approved for use through boom and knapsack sprayers.


Contains:156 g/L propiconazole
Application Rate:3 L/ha
Pack Coverage:1 hectare
Water Rate:400 - 1000 L/ha
Product Activity:Curative, Preventative & Eradicant
Product Controls:Anthracnose
Brown Patch
Dollar Spot
Fusarium Patch
Max Treatments Per Year:4

Product Usage Calendar

*Main Usage Period*Extended Usage Period

Pack Information

CodePack Size
B1013 litre


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