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iNTrench is a controlled uptake nitrogen fertiliser designed specifically for the needs of professional sports turf.

Its stable form of nitrogen, plus potassium or calcium provides an enduring growth response. iNTrench gives up to 10 weeks of improved blade colour and a higher quality turf with 66% the nitrogen rate of leading competitors.

Key Points:

  • Great looking, more robust turf
  • Enduring effects - N available for up to 10 weeks
  • Reduced N application rates
  • Safe to use with minimal leaching

iNTrench contains a multi-source nitrogen which is resistant to breakdown. The cation complex with calcium or potassium provides added nutrition and inhibits the action of nitrifying microbes and resists leaching and volatilisation. The nitrogen in iNTrench stays within the root-zone for an extended period, permitting lower application rates than other slow release fertilisers.

This exceptional control of nitrogen availability ensures excellent turf safety, even at high temperatures.

iNTrench makes nitrogen available in amine form for uptake by grass. This results in improved root growth and a shorter denser sward with stronger colour.


iNTrench Calcium
iNTrench Calcium
iNTrench, the controlled uptake fertiliser, formulated with calcium.

iNTrench Potassium
iNTrench Potassium
iNTrench, the controlled uptake fertiliser, formulated with potassium.

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