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Amino Turf

An efficient anti-stress bio-stimulant, containing the maximum concentration of free amino acids and enhanced with nitrogen for faster and more efficient recovery of grass after abiotic stress. Amino Turf helps the grass conserve energy otherwise used for the production of L-amino acids. It stimulates soil microbial production of organic acids, providing further support for the requirements of the turf.

Key Benefits

• Faster and more efficient recovery from stress

• Strengthens and improves recovery from adverse climatic conditions

• Invigorating and stimulating effect

• immediate response to foliar application

• Formulated with organic biomolecules of anatural origin



Analysis:9.0.0 +24% Amino Acid
Formulation:Soluble Liquid (SL)
Application Rate:5-10 L/ha
Pack Coverage:0.25-1 ha
Water Rate:200 - 400 L/ha
Free Amino Acids:24% (w/w)
Nitrogen:9% (w/w)

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1428665 litre

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