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Dewcure is a long lasting dew control product specifically formulated to reduce the accumulation of surface moisture on turf, including dew, guttation fluid and light frost.

Dewcure also reduces the time required for leaf drying following rainfall, irrigation and light frost.

Ideal for use on any turf where dry foliage is required. It can be used to help reduce dew formation over weekends and extended holidays, lessening the need for labour intensive manual removal.

Keeping the grass drier makes Dewcure a valuable ally in the fight against Fusarium Patch in damp winter months.

Key points:

  • Reduces leaf moisture
  • Enhanced longevity over conventional dew suppressants
  • Faster drying times following rainfall or irrigation
  • Drier surfaces can result in disease incidence
  • Quicker recovery from frost
  • Reduced labour requirement and drier cuttting
  • Low water volume application  


Manufacturer:Headland Amenity
Application Rate:6 L/ha
Water Rate:400 L/ha
Type:Dew Control

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
874510 litre

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