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FP 09 Fungicide Package

This combination brings together Pan Aquarius, containing trifloxystrobin a strobulurin class of fungicide with mesostemic activity, GoGreen Plus, a market leading complexed iron, for growth and presentation with E2 Pro Elicitor, containing Harpin protein to stimulate plant defences and recovery from abiotic stress.


Contains:2 x 350g Pan Aquarius
1 x 1 L Medallion TL
1 x 1 L E2 Pro Elicitor
Application Rate:700g/ha Pan Aquarius
1l/ha Medallion TL
1l/ha E2 Pro Elicitor
Pack Coverage:1 hectares
Water Rate:400 L/ha

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
158812 hectare



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