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GoGreen Granules

Long-lasting iron granules, formulated for outstanding results. GoGreen Granules are now formulated with a new dual action wetting agent component which gives a more rapid response and increases spreading and coverage.

GoGreen Granules brings most of the benefits that GoGreen Plus offer and can be applied at any time of year. Go Green Granules are formulated from iron pyrites to give maximum effect when dissolved in rain water, with 2 to 4 months longevity.

Key Points

  • Formulated with a new dual action wetting agent component
  • Rapid response
  • Increased spreading and coverage
  • Winter green up
  • Iron chlorosis control
  • Formulated from iron pyrites
  • No need for irrigation


Analysis:2.0.10 + 8.7Fe
Formulation:Mini Granules
Application Rate:400 kg/ha
Pack Coverage:500m2
Product Type:Mini granules
Product Longevity:Can last up to 5 months

Product Usage Calendar

*Main Usage Period*Extended Usage Period
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