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Headland Sulphur Amenity

A concentrated, elemental sulphur, for soil acidification.

Following application, Headland Sulphur is converted by the activity of specific microbial species - Thiobacillus, to form a sulphuric acid as an intermediary step and this then dissociates (splits) into hydrogen and sulphate ions.

The formation of hydrogen ions is the mechanism behind reducing the soil pH when applying sulphur, not the sulphur itself. The reliance on microbial activity means applications of sulphur applied in the winter will not achieve soil acidification until later in the spring.

Key points:

  • Small particle means enhanced turf safety at recommended rates 
  • For use as a soil acidifier


Analysis:800 g/L Sulphur
Application Rate:70 - 140 L/ha
Water Rate:600 - 1,000 L/ha

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
A19510 litre



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