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MP 03 Fungicide Package

MP3 brings together the unique meso-stemic translaminar activity of Scorpio with GoGreen Plus, a market leading complexed iron, which encourages disease infected areas to recover, optimising turf quality, and controlling Fusarium patch. The resulting mixture provides a reliable and longer lasting preventative treatment.


A strobilurin fungicide with a mesostemic mode of action, delivering highly efficient preventative and curative control of a broad spectrum of turf diseases including Fusarium Patch and Red Thread

Key points:

  • Rainfast in 2 hours 
  •  Preventative and curative activity
  • Effective in cool conditions

GoGreen Plus


GoGreen Plus is a versatile, convenient formulation of sulphur- free complexed iron that gives extended green-up whilst correcting iron deficiency and will harden turf against the onset of disease. The unique complex regulates the release of iron over a longer period to give a sustained effect without the blackening some irons can cause.

Key points:

  • Rapid action
  • Excellent longevity
  • Can be used all year round 
  • Hardens grass against disease




Contains:3 x 250g Scorpio
4 x 5 litre GoGreen Plus
Application Rate:700g/ha Scorpio
20 L/ha GoGreen Plus
Pack Coverage:1 hectare
Water Rate:500 L/ha
Product Activity:Preventative
Product Controls:Microdochium Patch

Product Usage Calendar

*Main Usage Period*Extended Usage Period

Pack Information

CodePack Size
66581 hectare

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