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Rezist is an animal repellent containing 88% w/w aluminium ammonium sulphate for use to deter foxes, rabbits, geese and infestation by moles. Rezist can also be used to discourage dog fouling.

Rezist is approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations for use only be professional operators who have the relevant certification in Pesticide Application (such as PA1 and PA6).

Mode of action

The repellent effects of the chemical have been known about for several decades and it appears to affect a wide range of vertebrates.

Animals that eat growing plants, such as rabbits, deer and various birds such as geese are averse to the taste and smell the chemical on the plants.

It is the smell alone that deters dogs and foxes but animals that groom themselves, such as cats and rodents, taste is the main sense affected.

Animals the burrow, such as moles are also affected if the soil they are digging through is treated.

This effect appears to last for some time after initial contact with a treated surface in what is termed a 'learned aversion' response.


Foliar application:25 L/ha in 225 litres of water
Soil application:25 L/ha in 450 litres of water
Knapsack application:1 L in 8 L of water per 400m2

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

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142925 litre


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