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Tailout is a non-selective herbicide that acts primarily by foliar contact. It also exhibits some translaminar movement, which can occur within the aerial parts of plants. Tailout kills all green tissue but does not harm mature bark. Deep-rooted perennial weeds will regrow.

Tailout is approved for use in preparing sports turf for line-marking and for the control of grass and broad-leaved weeds. Tailout is an ideal product for removing aerial weed growth quickly and economically without killing perennial species.

With little or no access of the herbicide down to the roots, Tailout can be used to control annual weeds and grasses and as well as the aerial parts of perennial weeds on land not intended to bear vegetation, as described in the product label. It will not control weeds germinating after the spray has been applied.

A foliar contact herbicide for use as a band application to:

• Fence lines - spray applications must be made within 50 cm of fence line.

• Managed amenity turf for line-marking preparation.

As a band or spot application to:

• Natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation.

• Permeable surfaces overlaying soils.

• Hard surfaces.



Contains:150 g/L (13.52% w/w) glufosinate-ammonium
Application Rate:3-5 L/Ha
Water Rate:200-400L/Ha

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1611001 Litre

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