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A pellet formulation containing aluminium phosphide for the control of rabbits, moles and rats outdoors.

Talunex may be used only in woodland, grassland, arable and horticultural land (in the open air), on sports fields and lawns.

The product is inserted into rabbit burrows, mole tunnels and rat holes using a Topex Applicator. Talunex must not be used adjacent to water courses or within 3 metres of human or animal habitation.

Talunex reacts with moisture in the soil and air to release the toxic gas, phosphine. The gas is fatal to rabbits, moles and rats.

This product can only be purchased and used by persons trained and certified in the storage, handling and use of aluminium phosphide for rodent control.


Contains:57% w/w (570 g/kg) aluminium phosphide

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10586160 pellets



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