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Trisert KS

Liquid fertilisers that contain the unique slow release nitrogen source - triazone - a mechanism proven in the UK climate.

Headland N-Sure and Trisert KS both contain significant levels of Triazone and provide a significantly greater longevity of response than when using conventional liquids.

N-Sure and Trisert KS are extremely safe and have inherently lower scorch risk compared to other liquid and soluble fertilisers. This means that watering-in of Triazone based products is not necessary from a safety angle.

The slow release properties of Triazone provide gradual nitrogen availability to the plant, reducing the amount of clippings produced and producing growth characteristics - even when comparatively large amounts of nutrients are applied.


Application Rate:60 - 120 L/ha
Water Rate:300 - 600 L/ha
Specific Gravity:1.36
Longevity:4 - 8 weeks

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
5572200 litre
F25310 litre



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