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Turf Health Package 06

Rootmass Plus with its high concentration of cold process seaweed extract, humic/fulvic acid and chelated iron, tank-mixed with GoGreen Plus, a sulphur free complex iron. Magflo 300, for an even more enhanced greening effect. E2 Pro PhosRite contains phosphite, widely recognised to enhance disease resistance.


Contains:Rootmass Plus 2x10L
GoGreen Plus 4x5L
Magflo300 1x5L
E2Pro PhosRite 1x10L
Application Rate:Rootmass Plus 20L/Ha
GoGreen Plus 20L/Ha
Magflo300 4L/Ha
E2Pro PhosRite 10L/Ha
Pack Coverage:1 Hectare
Water Rate:500 L/Ha
Nutrien Input (Kg/Ha):GoGreen Plus
N:0 P:0 K:1.2
E2 Pro PhosRite
N:0.4 P:3.75 K:1.75

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